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Frequently Asked Questions


Feels the Ice,
Feels So Right. 

1. What is the minimum age for children to ice skating? 

Some parents choose to get their children in skates and on the ice as soon as they can walk, but the encourage age to begin the ice skating classes is about five years old.


2. What is the smallest and biggest skates boots size you have?


Our smallest skates size is UK Kid's 8/EU Kid's 25/15cm and biggest skates size is UK 13/EU 48/31cm.

3. What you should wear for ice skating?


We recommend you to wear comfortable warm clothing (long-sleeved shirts, light jackets, long pants) or any protection for safety issues. Also, we suggest you wear thick socks and compulsory to wear gloves during skating. Gloves make it more comfortable, especially for young children.


Password lockers are available for the customers to use. It's free of charge. But please take note that RM 5 admin fee will be imposed to unlock lock manually if the password is forgotten.


Like any other sport, ice skating has a certain amount of risk to it, but in a supervised environment with marshals.
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